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Lesson 15: Leveraging Small Gains vs. Big Wins

This past quarter, I sat down with my leadership team in eager anticipation of Q1 2019. We had learned a tremendous amount in 2018, and it was exciting to think how we might apply those learnings to have a massively successful year.

I’ve found, however, that even seasoned leaders tend to be overly optimistic about the impact they can have on certain performance aspects of their team.

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Lesson 11: Your Whole Sales Team Doesn't Have To Be Great

Growing an SMB SaaS business is hard. The journey has a tremendous number of peaks and valleys, including times of electric overachievement. I’ve been there multiple times, and the feeling is unlike any other. You’re humming along, and beating revenue targets. It turns out that you’ve had this figured out all along, right?

Then it happens. You start scaling or growing faster, but revenue doesn’t keep up. You start to see signs that things aren’t as well-oiled as before. Things get chaotic. You start to look for answers…

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Lesson 8: Know What Your Customers Want

There is a famous quote by American economist, Theodore Levitt, that captures the way prospective customers buy. He said, "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole." 

This quote does a wonderful job of capturing what most people in sales know to be true. The customer doesn't buy your product's features, bells or whistles. They buy their future. They buy the vision of what your product does and how their life or job changes for the better, because of the product…

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