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Lesson 14: Facing a Recurring Challenge? Be Intentional.

In my first video lesson, I talk about how unintentional negative behaviors and actions manifest as a result of challenges like stress or pressure. Those negative behaviors and actions are easy to fall into.

It’s only when you choose to be intentional about positive actions or intentional about changing, that you create a skillset for handling these challenges. Unfortunately, it’s the intentional positive change that is so difficult.

Here’s the benefit: When you are repetitious about intentional positive behavior, it becomes as easy as the original unintentional negative response. Now you have a more simple, easy way to handle your most challenging situations.

What do you think? What are some unintentional negative behaviors you have fallen into? How did you change?

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Lesson 12: Self-Awareness Is the Leadership Differentiator

Putting strong leaders in place at your company is most likely always a top priority. I very rarely work with businesses that tell me they are batting 1.000 across their departmental leadership teams.

Typically, it’s an area of significant weakness, especially at young, fast-growing technology companies. Most young tech companies are taking a chance. Hiring someone who has potential, but not the experience, or promoting a top performer from within. They expect that the superstar contributor will make a superstar leader, and everyone else superstars as well…

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