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Lesson 17: Stop Trying To "Hack" Everything

I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed the other day when I came across a post from a marketing influencer. The gist of the post was that she had “hacked” her body by giving up alcohol for January.

As I read through the hundreds of comments, (and thousands of likes) one theme stood out: Everyone was “hacking” something.

Some people were talking about “hacking” the day by waking up earlier. Others were “hacking” meetings by making them shorter. I even saw a post where people were “hacking” the work week by working 7am thru to 7pm…

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Lesson 16: The Myth of the Well-Rounded Top Performer

I received my quarterly performance review last week. Each time, I question the validity of the system. Not because I scored poorly (quite the contrary), but because it’s not clear to me that the system is designed correctly for the startup technology world. It doesn't seem aligned to goals like changing the status quo, building a massive valuation, and crushing competitors.

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Lesson 13: Miscommunication Is Death By a Thousand Cuts

When your startup company is small, important communication can be pretty simple. The three or four executives meet on a daily basis, and then walk to their respective corners of the small office and cascade information down to their two or three direct reports. Pretty simple.

Because of the simplicity, process documentation for communicating important changes or objectives doesn’t seem necessary at this stage. Do we really need a process for talking to John and Mary about the our Q2 focus? Well, yes, actually.

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Lesson 12: Self-Awareness Is the Leadership Differentiator

Putting strong leaders in place at your company is most likely always a top priority. I very rarely work with businesses that tell me they are batting 1.000 across their departmental leadership teams.

Typically, it’s an area of significant weakness, especially at young, fast-growing technology companies. Most young tech companies are taking a chance. Hiring someone who has potential, but not the experience, or promoting a top performer from within. They expect that the superstar contributor will make a superstar leader, and everyone else superstars as well…

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