Lesson 7: Top Sales & Marketing Trends To Watch for in 2019


It’s 2019, and here at PatientPop we’re fresh off of our #16 ranking in the Entrepreneur 360 for best entrepreneurial companies in America, which I’m humbled and honored by.

That means it’s time for bigger revenue targets and more monster growth. As I look forward to running full-steam at these goals, I’m also trying to be mindful of what will change. What will appear as a major trend, that wasn’t here in 2018?

Here are my top six 2019 sales and marketing trends. Enjoy.

An Increase in Leadership Empathy

The days of operating with disregard for employee feelings or morale will go away. What was once deemed a necessary trait for “genius” founders, being a jerk will no longer be tolerated.

Whether it’s founder or sales leader, it won’t fly, because with solopreneurship on the rise, people have too many options to put up with that. Those who are empathetic will win. Those who aren’t will lose.

Proven Operators Will Greatly Increase Their Value and Income

Having previously operated a successful business or department was once the measuring stick for executives or the c-suite. With personal branding online at an all-time high, that is now being replaced (on the surface) with self-published books, Instagram photos and blog posts.

Five years ago, it was important to have operated a business successfully with data to back it up. 2018 was about LinkedIn content, pithy sales commentary on Instagram, and self-publishing.

I am in no way insinuating that those aren’t positive advancements, but it simply cannot take the place of having operated a successful business. The fakery will get crushed, and the deluge of self-titled “experts” will peak and come crashing down. Phony “experts” will be exposed and nailing interviews for VP of Sales or first revenue roles will get harder and harder.

Sales Methodology Will Get An Overhaul

Two distinct thoughts on this: The first is that there are several good sales methodologies on the market today. Challenger selling comes to mind as something that passes the sniff test. But, for every good methodology, there are 100 bad ones and those will disappear like the wildcat formation in the NFL. Sounded really cool. Didn’t really work.

The second thought is that people will go back to the basics of practicing often and iterating even more. Ever asked your best salespeople the methodology they follow to crush their quotas? You’ll either hear, “I don’t have one” or several different answers.

It’s less the methodology and more the work ethic and mindset. Top performers care more and practice more than bottom performers. They learn from their own mistakes, they seek out help more often, and are diligent at repeating successful behaviors. It’s all about how much you care.

Giving a shit is the best sales methodology on the market.

Non-customized Outreach Won’t Just Be Ineffective, It Will Never Even Be Seen

Reducing clutter, email time, and non-relevant outreach will be destroyed by a disruptive company in our space using AI. Salespeople will be forced to conduct research, personalize their outreach as effectively as possible or open rates will head towards 0% as software captures and destroys worthless noise. 

Gen-Z’ers Will Amaze and Delight But Many Companies Won’t Be Ready

We are now entering the first few years of Generation Z hitting the workplace. With their knowledge of technology and exposure to information, they will usher in a new era of workplace intelligence, especially in digital marketing (more on that in #6).

With that knowledge, however, will come a need for more instant gratification, meaning and recognition. Companies without clear career pathing and ties to meaningful or charitable work will fail to win with this powerful group.

Of my 2019 sales and marketing trends, this is one I absolutely implore companies to get on board with.

Traditional Marketers Will Be Replaced

A new generation of young men and women are building massively valuable online software businesses without venture capital. They are doing it because they are able to extract enough revenue early in the customer funnel to cover their marketing costs. Some of these companies have even reduced CAC to nearly $0. Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels comes to mind (and also placed 9 spots ahead of us on the Entrepreneur 360).

New marketers will have a better understanding of the psychology of today’s buyer. They will write more effective sales copy, build better funnels, and attract affiliate markers and influencers. This combination will start to reach mature SaaS businesses looking to reduce costs and differentiate.

So there you have it! My top 6 2019 sales and marketing trends. What do you think? Feel free to drop a comment.