Lesson 17: Stop Trying To "Hack" Everything

I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed the other day when I came across a post from a marketing influencer. The gist of the post was that she had “hacked” her body by giving up alcohol for January.

As I read through the hundreds of comments, (and thousands of likes) one theme stood out: Everyone was “hacking” something.

Some people were talking about “hacking” the day by waking up earlier. Others were “hacking” meetings by making them shorter. I even saw a post where people were “hacking” the work week by working 7am thru to 7pm…

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Lesson 16: The Myth of the Well-Rounded Top Performer

I received my quarterly performance review last week. Each time, I question the validity of the system. Not because I scored poorly (quite the contrary), but because it’s not clear to me that the system is designed correctly for the startup technology world. It doesn't seem aligned to goals like changing the status quo, building a massive valuation, and crushing competitors.

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Lesson 15: Leveraging Small Gains vs. Big Wins

This past quarter, I sat down with my leadership team in eager anticipation of Q1 2019. We had learned a tremendous amount in 2018, and it was exciting to think how we might apply those learnings to have a massively successful year.

I’ve found, however, that even seasoned leaders tend to be overly optimistic about the impact they can have on certain performance aspects of their team.

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Lesson 14: Facing a Recurring Challenge? Be Intentional.

In my first video lesson, I talk about how unintentional negative behaviors and actions manifest as a result of challenges like stress or pressure. Those negative behaviors and actions are easy to fall into.

It’s only when you choose to be intentional about positive actions or intentional about changing, that you create a skillset for handling these challenges. Unfortunately, it’s the intentional positive change that is so difficult.

Here’s the benefit: When you are repetitious about intentional positive behavior, it becomes as easy as the original unintentional negative response. Now you have a more simple, easy way to handle your most challenging situations.

What do you think? What are some unintentional negative behaviors you have fallen into? How did you change?

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Lesson 13: Miscommunication Is Death By a Thousand Cuts

When your startup company is small, important communication can be pretty simple. The three or four executives meet on a daily basis, and then walk to their respective corners of the small office and cascade information down to their two or three direct reports. Pretty simple.

Because of the simplicity, process documentation for communicating important changes or objectives doesn’t seem necessary at this stage. Do we really need a process for talking to John and Mary about the our Q2 focus? Well, yes, actually.

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Lesson 12: Self-Awareness Is the Leadership Differentiator

Putting strong leaders in place at your company is most likely always a top priority. I very rarely work with businesses that tell me they are batting 1.000 across their departmental leadership teams.

Typically, it’s an area of significant weakness, especially at young, fast-growing technology companies. Most young tech companies are taking a chance. Hiring someone who has potential, but not the experience, or promoting a top performer from within. They expect that the superstar contributor will make a superstar leader, and everyone else superstars as well…

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Lesson 11: Your Whole Sales Team Doesn't Have To Be Great

Growing an SMB SaaS business is hard. The journey has a tremendous number of peaks and valleys, including times of electric overachievement. I’ve been there multiple times, and the feeling is unlike any other. You’re humming along, and beating revenue targets. It turns out that you’ve had this figured out all along, right?

Then it happens. You start scaling or growing faster, but revenue doesn’t keep up. You start to see signs that things aren’t as well-oiled as before. Things get chaotic. You start to look for answers…

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Lesson 10: Hustle 24/7. Just Kidding. Don't.

Everywhere I look online today, I see #hustleporn. “I’d rather hustle 24/7 than slave 9 to 5!” or “I’ve got a dream worth more than my sleep!” What if I told you this: 1) You don’t have to hustle 24/7. You can actually go to sleep. (and should) 2) You will suffer if you try to ignore #1. 3) Hustling 24/7 will most likely keep your business from growing.

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Lesson 8: Know What Your Customers Want

There is a famous quote by American economist, Theodore Levitt, that captures the way prospective customers buy. He said, "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole." 

This quote does a wonderful job of capturing what most people in sales know to be true. The customer doesn't buy your product's features, bells or whistles. They buy their future. They buy the vision of what your product does and how their life or job changes for the better, because of the product…

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Lesson 7: Top Sales & Marketing Trends To Watch for in 2019

It’s 2019, and here at PatientPop we’re fresh off of our #16 ranking in the Entrepreneur 360 for best entrepreneurial companies in America!

That means it’s time for bigger revenue targets and more monster growth. As I look forward to running full-steam at these goals, I’m also trying to be mindful of what will change. What will appear as a major trend, that wasn’t here in 2018?

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Lesson 2: Get Your First (Two) Sales Hires Right

When early-stage startup founders are looking to push the gas pedal on their revenue growth, it can often be time to invest in your first salesperson. But where to start? What type of salesperson should you hire? What is their background and skill set? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple one, and with limited seed or A round capital, it’s imperative that you get this first hire right.

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