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04.23.19 The Startup Sales Podcast: Building Your Initial Sales Team w/ Justin Welsh

On the show today we welcome Justin Welsh to talk about building strong initial sales teams, hiring the right people and maintaining and growing their impact through great sales processes and practices. We discuss Justin's exact ideas around these vital stages of any startup's lifespan and our guest generously shares his own experiences and the lessons he has learned along the way. We talk about the decision to scale and when this should happen and when it should not.


04.12.19 The Sales Engagement Podcast #78: Hire the Experts & Get Out of Their Way

Every one of us has worked for one of those bosses. The one that hovers over your shoulder making sure that you do things right. Or the one that seems to burn all their employees out in record time. Recently on the Sales Engagement Podcast, we sat down with Justin Welsh, Senior Vice President of Sales at PatientPop, to talk about letting go of control, finding the best talent, and so much more.

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03.05.19 TSP #360: How Tribal Training Can Grow Your Sales

“In this episode, Justin talks about how PatientPop has grown 10x in the last 2.5 years, from $5M in recurring revenue to nearly $50M in recurring revenue. He talks about how the team at PatientPop educates their marketplace, creates great content, and leverages channel partners to grow rapidly. We also dive into Justin’s mantra, "action over academia", where he discusses moving fast and being accountable for your performance.


07.02.18 The Sales Leadership Podcast with Rob Jeppsen

“Justin Welsh, SVP of Sales for PatientPop shares how obsession with execution helped him get PatientPop in HyperGrowth mode in year 1 and keep them there for four straight years. His blueprint focuses on 3 areas to get right first and he shares the 4 step process his leaders use to execute in the present. These tactics will help you... regardless of your company’s size or growth phase... create a culture where your salespeople are the evangelists of learning and execution... no micromanagement required.”

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02.19.18 SaaStr 2018: Boost your sales efforts with these expert tips

“Great coffee, a nice office, video games at lunch… an amazing company culture with cool freebies is a great motivator to boost your performance - but that’s not the only thing. Justin Welsh, VP of sales at a medical technology company called PatientPop, shared three top tips he got from his own employees.”

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01.02.18 Eyes on the prize: How 2 sales VPs motivate their teams through slow sales cycles

“The last few months of the year can be an incredibly stressful time for tech companies, with potential and current clients finalizing budgets and sales teams grinding to hit their fiscal targets in order to end the year strong. We recently connected with two VPs of sales departments to learn how they keep their teams motivated and focused, in order to close out the year successfully.”

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08.29.16 Sales Coaching: How to Coach a High-Performing Rep

“If you’ve ever had a rainmaker on your sales team, you know that a unique dynamic sometimes exists between you and your star-player. You also probably know how tempting it is to let your high-performer simply ‘do their thing’ while you focus your efforts on helping other reps. But if that’s you, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to motivate your top reps.”

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05.30.2016 TSE 323: How Selling SaaS to Doctors is Totally Different Than Traditional SaaS Sales

“Today’s episode is another interesting one as we talk about selling Software as a Service (SaaS) to doctors and how this is very different than selling as a pharma representative. This might be another career that you might wish to consider and so I’m bringing in Justin Welsh to talk more about this – what selling SaaS to doctors is all about and how to say the right things without stepping on the toes of the doctors.”

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05.23.16 TSP 192: Justin Welsh Shows How To Build Strong Sales Teams Fast

“Justin talks about his massive growth at both ZocDoc and PatientPop. Learn sales wisdom including: What to do when you're miserable in your job, his formula for sales success, how to find and treat opportunity when it comes knocking, how to interview and screen top sales talent, whether or not to hire sales people for their experience and their Rolodexes, how to handle sales and sales management mistakes, and more.”

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