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Hi, I’m Justin Welsh, the creator of justindwelsh.com (as you’ve probably guessed).

I’m the SVP of Sales at PatientPop in Santa Monica, California. We’re one of the fastest growing SMB SaaS businesses in the country, going from $0 to $40M in recurring revenue in four years.

My journey to this role, however, has been anything but usual.

Ten years ago, I walked into a very small, very dirty office in New York City's Chinatown neighborhood. I had no technology sales experience and no software sales experience, but I was there to interview for my first tech sales job.

Up until then, I had been a meandering salesperson, moving from job to job while living in places like Steubenville, Ohio, St. Claire Shores, Michigan, and Allentown, Pennsylvania. My friends all made fun of my slow, boring, small-town career. In fact, before that interview, I had just been fired from my last sales job.

But, there I was, in NYC, attempting to land a job as the first salesperson at a hot new technology startup. Based on my previous experience above, you'd think I was crazy. But I knew I wasn't. 

I was sick and tired of working in small towns, for companies I didn't believe in, and not reaching my potential. I wanted this job, because I wanted to work for that company, and none other. I prepared the hardest I ever had.

When I entered the room of five executives, they could see the passion I had for joining their company. I was on fire for the business, the idea and the product.

That day, I became the 10th employee at one of the first technology companies that put NYC tech on the map.

Over the next seven years, the company would be valued at nearly $2B and I became a major part of that success.

I was sent to San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and then brought back to NYC, each time with more responsibility and more confidence. With that success and confidence came an ownership mindset. I owned the success of my career, and I wanted to keep growing.

Four years ago, I got that opportunity at PatientPop. Today, I oversee a revenue team of 100+ employees, and get to live my passion everyday. We’re pacing to $100M in a little over five years, and we couldn’t be more proud.

I’m a startup junkie, addicted to the success that comes along with simple, focused work.

Outside of PatientPop, I’m an advisor to other up-and-coming companies like Funraise and Collectly, where I enjoy helping them reach their potential as well.

I created this site specifically because I want to share the lessons that I’ve learned over the past decade. The wins and the losses. That’s why my content series is entitled, Lessons Learned.

I try and focus on what matters, and do my best to execute. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s exactly what I share here.

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