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Bite-Sized Lessons.

Big-Time Revenue.

I've learned a lot of lessons growing our startup to $40M in recurring revenue.

Some are big, and some are seemingly innocuous things that turned out to be important later on down the road. Large and small, wins and losses - mistakes, redos, and so forth. Here are bite-sized lessons that produce big-time revenue.


Hi, I’m Justin Welsh

I’m the SVP of Sales at PatientPop, an SMB SaaS business based in Los Angeles, California.

Together with my team, I’ve had the pleasure of spending the past four years building a rocket ship, going from $0 to $40M in recurring revenue in that short time.

We’re humbled to be selected as Entrepreneur's 16th best entrepreneurial company of 2018, one of Silicon Review’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2018, and Built In LA's #2 out of 100 best places to work in Los Angeles.

My personal belief is that consistent, fast growth comes through simplicity and execution. Doing a few things really, really well.

That’s why I built this site - to share those things. Here, you’ll find lessons that I’ve learned on my way to $40M, including things that worked, and well…things that didn’t. I hope these lessons help as you look to grow your own business.

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